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Fallen trees Can be an issue

Trees — love them or hate them — are prone to dropping limbs at an inopportune moment. You must always bear in mind that, unless it is foreseeable, there are often times when you won't be able to shout home liability. This article is aimed at pointing you in the right direction, should, you find yourself in this situation. Whatever the circumstances contact A-Local Tree Service - We offer24 Hour Emergency Tree Services, call (07) 3285 1711 Now.


After a hectic summer of weeding, pruning, watering and fertilising, it would seem that winter can be a welcome time for the enthusiastic gardener to take a well-earned break from their hard work. While some things do slow down, gardening doesn't ever really stop. There's still lots of activity happening below the soil, with any newly planted trees and shrubs growing their root system, earthworms and microbes hard at work on the soil; there still plenty of tree and garden maintenance to do during these winter months.

Chipping branches for mulch or wood chips for compost & soil regenerating is an excellent method of recycling tree waste. A professional grade chipping machine can handle foliage and branches up to 18 inches in diameter, and produce a fine-grained, forest mulch. A good company such as A-Local Tree Service will offer to remove the wood chips if you don't require them, we chip mulch directly into the back of one of our trucks & take it away to be recycled into wood chip mulch.

Springtim in the Garden - Newfarm

Spring is a great time to get out in the garden. Whether you’re a novice or an old hand spring is the time to get out and evaluate what you have verses what you would like.

Planting trees and plants is a long-term investment into the beauty of the environment. Correctly trimming, pruning and shaping trees & plants is essentially a way to make them look a lot prettier; however, there are some other reasons why trimming, pruning and shaping is important.

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