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When trees are healthy and suit their surroundings, they are a beautiful part of any neighbourhood, yard or open area. Of course, this isn’t always the case and sometimes trees need to be pruned or removed altogether. When it comes to trees and their maintenance and removal, there are a lot of public misconceptions about the best way to handle the situation. Many people have heard of tree lopping and may think that it’s the best way to handle whatever problem they’re having.

Lopping is a commonly heard term in Australia and many people equate it with the proper maintenance of trees. However, this simply isn’t true. Lopping was standard practice until the early 80s due to lack of knowledge and regulation in the industry. It involves indiscriminately removing large sections of a tree with no thought to its health or subsequent growth. Homeowners often worry that growing trees may pose a threat to their property. So they seek to curb this growth in dramatic fashion. The biggest issue with this method is the removal of a large proportion of viable foliage from the tree. As leaves are the things that allow the tree to live, without them it faces serious consequences.

The severe nature of lopping causes major problems for the tree itself. It activates a natural survival mechanism which forces rapid growth of tiny shoots which are almost always unstable and weak. It rushes to grow new leaves from these shoots, but long-term success is rare. A tree in this stressed state is seriously weakened and may die.

However, that’s not the only problem. The nature of the cutting leaves large open wounds on the tree. These are extremely susceptible to disease, pests and weak re-growth. As a best-case scenario, you can be left with a disfigured tree which looks out of place. As a worst-case scenario, your tree may become infected, infested, or even die. This can threaten people and property even more so than the original problem of excessive growth.

Unfortunately, tree lopping in Brisbane is still common. When you have a problem with a tree, don’t have it lopped. You need to consult a professional arborist about having it correctly pruned. That way you can safeguard your family and your property, but continue to enjoy the beauty that your tree brings.

When you need proper advice on tree problems in the Brisbane area, your first choice is A-Local Tree Service. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals always respond within 24 hours and we only prune trees following industry guidelines. We will not engage in lopping and no spikes are used to climb trees unless they are being removed. If you want someone to consider your tree and the wider environment, whilst solving your problem – contact A-Local Tree Service.

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