Great Value Tree/Stump Removal & Maintenance in Brisbane

Tree Pruning Brisbane

Tree Pruning Brisbane

A-Local Tree Service is one of Queensland’s best-known and most highly regarded tree removal and maintenance companies. A trained and professional arborist who has many years of invaluable experience in the tree maintenance business was the one who founded our company. To ensure this high level of competence is consistent throughout, all of our employees undergo thorough training to ensure the highest degree of knowledge, efficiency and safety.

No matter your needs, we have expertise in all areas of tree maintenance, from tree pruning to protected vegetation, and tree removal to emergency response. We understand that the highest priority in any tree removal or pruning job must always be health and safety. Obviously, we take into account all risks associated with a job, like terrain, proximity to buildings, power cables, protected local flora and fauna, as well as worker safety.

Our members of staff possess all of the required experience and health and safety training and they have the people skills to work efficiently and effectively with each and every one of our customers. We will talk you through the whole process and together we can decide on the best plan of action for your property. Additionally, we understand how important the time frame and budget are for any project, which is why we guarantee complete transparency in both of these areas.

We can help you with all types of tree pruning and cutting, and we guarantee to use sustainable methods in the work that we carry out. To ensure this sustainability, all of the trees and branches that we remove are turned into mulch using our high-powered 18-inch wood chipper. You can then decide if you would like us to remove the fresh mulch or if you’d like to use it for landscaping, or store it for future use. The benefits of mulch are numerous. For example, a well-mulched garden retains water much more efficiently and is less prone to weed growth.

For big pruning projects, where climbing is too difficult or dangerous, we have the necessary equipment such as cherry pickers and cranes to take care of large trees. We also have a thorough understanding of local wildlife protection laws and always make sure we have the required paperwork in cases where protected trees or native vegetation need to be removed. We also have access to professional koala spotters, who are required to be present during the removal of certain vegetation in parts of Queensland.

So, if you are in need of a professional tree pruning or removal service, A-local Tree Service is the expert on tree pruning in Brisbane and is the company that business owners and homeowners trust most. Contacting one of our experts couldn’t be any easier, simply fill in the online form on our website or call us on 0403 599 881 today to discuss your tree maintenance needs. Alternatively, you may also send us an email to for a free quote.

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Ensure the healthy growth of your trees with our service for tree pruning in Brisbane

Although trees compliment the beauty of your entire property, if they are not maintained properly, they don’t only become an eyesore but also pose safety threats. Therefore, at A-Local Tree Service, we aim to keep your trees in the best shape and health with the help of our pruning and trimming service. From improving the health of your trees to increasing the amount of sunlight that reaches the ground, we make sure that our pruning helps to achieve all these goals.

Here are all the benefits that you can take advantage of when you come to us for this service:

  • Timely pruning and trimming will promote the healthy growth of your trees and helps to keep pests at bay. If some of the branches in a tree are infected then our tree pruning service in Brisbane helps to stop the infection from spreading any further.
  • With tree pruning, there would be no risk of dead branches falling on peoples’ heads because all dead branches and leaves are removed.
  • We trim and prune the branches in such a way that direct sunlight reaches them which promotes fast and healthier growth. You can be sure that the trees will grow taller instead of growing sideways.
  • We know about specialized pruning techniques that can make your trees look good. We maintain your trees in such a way that they become the pride of your landscape.

If you want to ensure that your trees are strong, healthy and hazard free, then we are the people that you should contact. Call us at 0403 599 881 for further details.