Great Value Tree/Stump Removal & Maintenance in Brisbane

Tree Removal Eaton Hills

Tree Removal Eaton Hills

If an unsafe tree has become a problem on your property, A Local Tree Service are here to help. We are highly trained and skilled at emergency tree removals in Eaton Hills and offer the best, cheap services for our valued customers. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company offering businesses and homes tree removals, maintenance, stump grinding, mulching and emergency response.

Efficient and Cheap Tree Removal and Maintenance Eaton Hills

For many years, A Local Tree Service has been maintaining trees across Brisbane. Our highly skilled arborists are extremely efficient in dealing with; emergency tree removal, tree lopping, tree pruning, stump grinding and removal, mulching and protecting vegetation. Once you call our expert arborists in, we will assess your trees and put a plan in place before any work commences. We will never just remove a tree, unless it is a danger to you, a property or the environment.

We run a 24-hour emergency response service and can be with you promptly when you need us. Our prices are extremely cheap and we offer the best customer service in the business. Whether you are a homeowner with a small yard or a large business with expansive grounds, we can help look after your trees so they thrive.

A Local Tree Service Are Eaton Hills Trusted Tree Specialists

Having been in the business so many years, we have many happy, repeat customers. We always strive to protect the local environment and even consult other experts when needed. We have a huge range of the best equipment including; industrial scale saw mills, stump grinders, cranes, chainsaws and wood chippers.

This allows us to work with trees of all sizes and dispose of tree parts safely after a job. We recycle wood in our saw mill turning logs and branches into firewood, wood chips and mulch. If you need expert tree removal Eaton Hills or general maintenance, we are here to help. If you are living in the Eaton Hills area or have a business with grounds, we can help you with your tree removal needs.

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