Great Value Tree/Stump Removal & Maintenance in Brisbane


Plants crowding round the base of tree trunk needing tree maintenance

Why choose a professional tree lopper?

We all know that trees can be truly magnificent features in a residential garden or the grounds of a business. As well as enhancing the appeal of your property, they provide much-needed shade and a home for our native wildlife. But trees also need regular maintenance to keep them healthy and safe. This is not an easy task, even for the most skilled and enthusiastic of gardeners.

In fact, trying to deal with tree care issues on your own can not only damage your trees, but it can pose a danger to both you and your property. It can waste your time and money too. That’s where professional tree loppers like us come in.

Need more convincing? Here are some of the top reasons for hiring a professional tree lopper.

We don’t actually do tree lopping

If you’ve been searching for the best tree lopping Brisbane has to offer, this one might surprise you! Despite the name, a professional tree lopper shouldn’t be using the method known as tree lopping. This is the practice of cutting off branches without considering implications for tree growth or health.

As a result, we do not provide tree lopping as part of our tree services in Brisbane. As professionals, we offer something much better.

Instead of resorting to tree lopping, we aim to foster healthy trees with skilful pruning that meets industry standards. Performed carefully, tree pruning encourages future growth and allows just the right amount of sunlight over other parts of your garden or commercial green space. This creates a healthy and lush environment for everyone to enjoy.

Professional tree loppers like us can also advise you on how your trees can be shaped to complement the theme of your property. We also bring out the natural beauty in each tree itself without using tree lopping at all.

Quality and experience is a given

A professional tree lopper knows how to deal with trees of all shapes and sizes, plus offer you high-quality service. With over 25 years of experience, we provide superior Brisbane tree services across the Northside at a cost-effective price.

Clean up your yard with a wide range of tree services

A professional tree lopping team provide a full range of tree services for residential or business clients. These include the following:

  • tree pruning (as opposed to tree lopping)
  • stump grinding
  • block clearing
  • tree trimming
  • tree removal

We do all of this and more to bring out the best in your garden.

We work safely and efficiently

As you might imagine, all those potential falling limbs from large trees, plus working at heights, create a dangerous situation. This is why tree services must be undertaken by an expert.

You don’t want yourself, your family, employees, pets, or other animals to be injured. There’s also the risk of a tree falling on your home, buildings or vehicles. It’s scary to even think about.

You can feel confident that a professional tree lopper has the knowledge to complete the work in a timely and safe manner without damaging your precious trees.

Most importantly, if there is a risk of dropping tree branches or a falling tree, particularly if it involves large trees that are close to power lines or homes, it’s vital to call in a professional tree lopper who can competently deal with the situation before it’s too late.

Providing expert and high-quality tree removal services

Sometimes tree removal is necessary, and a professional tree lopper is the best person to determine whether it has to be done. It is not wise to deal with tree removal on your own. 

There are many reasons to consider Brisbane tree removal services. These can include diseases or pest infestations, damaged trees or dead and dying trees. Trees may also be a fire hazard in some areas.

You might need emergency tree removal from your Brisbane home or business, and we can help with that too. Our experienced tree services experts are available 24/7.

No matter what the circumstance, once a tree removal has occurred, a professional tree lopper should provide a stump grinding service, as we do. This uses powerful machinery to turn a stump into usable mulch or wood chips. It also prevents the tree from growing back.

We use the right tree maintenance techniques

A professional tree lopper knows their stuff and has the right tools for the job. You can rest assured that we use skilled techniques and high-quality equipment for every tree maintenance job we undertake, no matter how big or small.

Understand local laws and rules

Something else to keep in mind is that tree removal will require local council approval. In Brisbane, tree removal must be completed by qualified professionals. Councils will usually only remove a tree as a last resort, and they will require a valid reason for the work. As a customer, you should expect a professional tree lopper to understand local tree removal laws and what forms or permits may be required.

If you need native trees or plants legally removed in Brisbane, professional tree loppers may be able to help with that too. This is something we can certainly do! In some areas of Brisbane and its surrounds, native vegetation may not be removed without local authority approval. As part of our tree services, we can even arrange for a registered koala spotter to be present if that is needed.

Overall, we have many years of experience dealing with local tree removal regulations across South East Queensland, and are happy to provide expert advice on this issue.

You can trust that we will be fully insured

Instead of risking your own health and safety, you can relax and breathe easy! A provider of professional tree services will be fully insured. Among other things, their staff should be covered for work injuries. That’s precisely what we offer, and we’re proud of it.

You can rely on our highly skilled tree services team. All our staff are fully trained in horticultural practices, arboricultural procedures and operating the necessary equipment.

Employ qualified arborists

An arborist (otherwise known as an arboriculturist, tree surgeon or tree doctor) has completed a qualification in horticulture or arboriculture. They can be trusted to look after your trees and perform any necessary tree removal services safely and with best intent. They can also spot problems in trees that untrained workers may not, and understand how to treat them if that is a possibility.

Unqualified tree workers may waste your time and money by removing trees when it is simply not required. They may also leave diseased or infested trees standing, creating the potential for heavy branches to fall unexpectedly.

Leave the worksite clean and clear

A professional tree services team should leave you with no mess to clean up. And as tree management services or tree removal can cause a nightmare scene of leaves and branches everywhere, you’ll want that taken care of quickly and efficiently.

We operate quality wood chippers to recycle tree material into mulch. You can then decide whether you want it taken away by us or if you want it left behind to use on your garden beds. The choice is yours.

If you’ve been wondering about tree lopping in Brisbane or you need Brisbane tree removal for your home or business on the northside, call us for a free quote to find out more.