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We provide free quotes with your initial inquiry to give you an idea of the costs associated with general tree removal or maintenance.

Of course, if you are working to a tight budget then we can tailor the service to focus on required work to reduce risk of damage to to avoid the cost of further damage to your property.

If we notice potential problems from your trees on your property during inspections, then we will discuss the potential cost with you before carrying out any work. You get a clear idea of costs before the work begins, so that you won’t have any surprises or budget shocks.

Turnaround time is about seven to 14 days from the initial contact with us to when we remove or maintain the trees on your property. How long we will be on the property will depend on the size of the job.

Our professional arborists will give you precise time frames after inspecting the property. So that we can fit in a schedule that will suit you and your lifestyle.

While A-Local Tree Service works to the highest health and safety standards, our customers had the peace of mind in knowing that all our work is backed by a $20-million public liability insurance policy through QBE Insurance.

Our staff are also covered for injury at work through WorkCover Queensland.

Our full professional tree removal and maintenance service is available across northern Brisbane. However, we do work in other areas across south-east Queensland and northern NSW depending on the work required and the size of the job.

We have had more than 25 years experience in the Brisbane and greater region and have expertise in local laws across South East Queensland on tree removal from a property. We can also give you expert advice on protection laws, tree care, and potential pests and diseases to watch out for in South East Queensland.

No. Our expert arborists and maintenance professionals have all the tools and power sources necessary to do the job. We don’t need anyone on the property. We will discuss what has to be done before we get to work, so you don’t have to be on the property to answer any questions.

All that we need is access to the part of the property where you need the work done. Also any pets should be confined or restrained as they can increase the risk if able to freely move through the work space.

Tree pruning and removal

There are strict laws around protected trees in Brisbane that you should be aware of before considering tree removal.  Your property is more likely to have protected vegetation on it if you are located near the Brisbane River or a watercourse, are near rural land or wooded reserves, have a significant tree on the property, or are on a heritage property.

You will need to get the required permits before we can start tree removal.  Contact our team of professional arborists to discuss what you need to do before removing vegetation from your property. 

There are also environmental overlays such as the Koala Conservation Plan, which lays down rules for tree removal in koala habitat, such as South East Queensland.  In some cases you need a spotter to look for Koala’s while cutting down trees.  A-Local Tree Service can organise the spotter if necessary.  

With our sustainable business model all material removed from a property is repurposed whether it’s high quality mulch, firewood or timber.  You can keep on site any of the material pruned but this may incur additional cost for processing on site.

A-Local Tree Service sells the mulch and other wood products to reduce waste and to recoup the cost of processing the green waste.

If the tree is on a shared boundary then its value is shared by both parties, and any cost in maintaining it or removing it is also shared. 

If your tree’s branches are overhanging a neighbours property or the root system is invading a neighbours property, then it is your responsibility to have the encroaching branches and roots removed if requested.  This can be a cause of neighbour disputes but the guidelines are clear on who is responsible.

If the tree affecting your property is on council land then you can notify council to have the problem rectified.  If the tree is on the street and you want to do minor pruning work, then you need to apply for a council issued permit.

For a more detailed assessment of responsibility, cost and potential risks, then contact a professional and experienced tree removal company, such as A-Local Tree Service to get the information you need for your area.

You can prune any part of a tree that is overhanging your property, however you need to check local laws first to see about protections on trees that you want to trim..

You can also put the waste from the tree back on the owner’s property, but for the sake of the relationship it’s probably better to get rid of the waste yourself.

This is a grey area on who is responsible. It’s not as clear cut as the owner of the tree is responsible for any damage. This is where a professional arborist can come in handy. If your trees are maintained in a good condition, and not a perceived risk, or are a species that doesn’t usually drop branches, then you might not be liable for the cost of any damage to a neighbour’s property.

There are a lot of conditions on who is, and who is not, liable, so talk to a tree removal professional for the right advice on keeping your trees, while reducing the risk to neighbours.

Tree lopping is cutting branches from trees without regard for future growth, or protection of the tree, so it should be avoided. A-Local Tree Service does not provide tree lopping as part of its service, as it will create more problems in the future as the tree suffers and potentially dies.

Tree pruning helps to maintain a healthy tree through selective removal of branches to promote growth and to distribute light to other parts of the tree and garden.

Stump grinding is one of the most effective and low impact ways to remove a stump, short of digging it out by hand. The grinder is a specialised machine with a flat disk with highly durable teeth to grind up a stump into mulch.

Removing an unsightly stump with the grinder will help you get more space in your garden and will stop any potential regrowth. More importantly when you cut down a tree, the remaining wood in the stump and the roots die. Just as dead wood above ground attracts pests, dead wood and roots below ground will attract pests such as termites. It is best to remove the stump for protection against pest invasion.


No. The tree needs leaves to create its food for root growth. However, a tree will attempt to reshoot to produce more food, and it can live for years trying to produce shoots for food.

If you want to permanently remove a tree you should remove the stump completely or treat the stump to prevent growth, as many tree species will reshoot quickly to survive.

It depends on the species, but pruning regularly can help to change the shape and density of your trees so it’s more manageable and compliments the rest of your garden. You can also use pruning to help control the amount of light in your garden.

Basically, prune as you need to without taking too much off the top which could impact the overall health of your trees.

Regular pruning helps to control pests and diseases, but it can also make many species vulnerable as bark is one of the first lines of defense against pests and diseases, and a tree will spend a lot of energy recovering after pruning.

The best time of the year to prune trees is during their slow growth period, and for most species across South East Queensland that’s in winter. Pruning in winter can help promote more intense shooting and growth in the Spring season.

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