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Look no further than A-Local Tree Service for all your professional tree removal services. We have experienced staff, a wealth of knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment that can remove trees efficiently and effectively.

Efficient tree removal across South East Queensland

No matter the location or size of the tree, our highly trained arborists can ensure that all trees are taken care of safely and quickly so that you can get back to your life. We will use a cherry picker or crane if the tree you need removed is in a tricky location, such as power lines being in close proximity. There can be many reasons that a tree removalist company needs to be employed, including a rotting tree, or a growing tree that is causing damage to existing buildings.

Whatever the issue, we are the dedicated team that will provide reliable service and can be trusted to safely remove the tree wherever it is located, in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or any other part of South East Queensland.

Our tree removal service is safe and efficient

We ensure that all trees are removed safely and properly using the latest tools and techniques.

We will ensure that there is no damage caused to the surrounding buildings or areas.

Our tree removal process is always tailored to the individual tree and location, ensuring the perfect approach.

Each tree is handled with precision, care and we provide professional arborist services.

We are actively working towards a more sustainable future

We provide a fast and effective way of recycling trees into mulch, carried out by our 18” wood chippers. Whether the tree removal job is being employed for development purposes or just to get ready for building residential properties, we ensure that the tree recycling process is quick and efficient.

The recycled mulch can then be just as quickly transported away from the tree removal site or can be left behind should you choose to carry out future landscaping projects. This is all part of our commitment to contributing towards a more sustainable future.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to constantly ensuring that we protect the environment around us, including our mulching service. We strive to see that the health and safety of the property, vegetation and wildlife is well-looked after throughout the duration of our time there.

Why choose A-Local Tree Service for your professional tree removal?

25+ Years of Experience

We have a broad range of experience in providing expert arboriculture services to a variety of customers and are proud to have a reputation for great business ethics. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust in the team at A-Local Tree Service for all your tree services.

High Quality Services

Our team of experienced domestic and commercial tree specialists goes above and beyond to ensure your service is of the highest quality as we won’t settle for anything less. Our friendly staff will also ensure that you encounter the best customer service possible during your time with us.

Excellent Prices

Whilst we understand that people may view a tree removal as being expensive, our friendly team will ensure that you get the best price possible for your service. Get in touch today to get a free quote so that we can start your tree removal journey.

7 Days a Week

We are here to help whenever you need us. Our experienced and highly-skilled team works seven days a week across SE QLDs so we are available any day of the week for your tree removal needs.

24/7 Emergency Response

We have a 24-hour emergency response service for any emergency tree removals that may arise, such as fallen branches and trees. We are always on call and our dedicated team is readily available to handle any situation safely and efficiently, making us your reliable Brisbane tree removalists.

Efficient Turnaround

Our broad range of experience and extensive qualifications will ensure that your tree removal job will be completed in the most efficient manner possible, providing you with a fast turnaround. Alongside a quick turnaround, we also make sure that our experienced team does the job safely and correctly every time.

Knowing when to hire tree removal specialists

Of course, we acknowledge that the trees around us make up the building blocks of our environment and provide many other benefits. However, this does not mean that they are exempt from causing issues and when this becomes the case, the tree will need to be taken down. Our qualified and friendly arborists are always on hand to give you advice on the tree service that may be needed.

Knowing the right time to hire tree removal services can be difficult so we are to help, no matter what the situation is. Our experienced arborists will individually assess each tree removal to ensure that we are providing the best service possible and delivering the proper techniques for tree removal in Brisbane’s Northside.

There are several reasons why a tree removal specialist may need to be hired which we have laid out below.

Why choose A-Local Tree Service for your professional tree removal?

Dead branches

In the tree lopping industry, dead branches can cause a varying degree of harm should they be left alone. Whilst most fall to the ground harmlessly, there are certain branches that have earned the nickname of widowmaker. You can safely assume why that name has been given to these specific types of dead branches.

This type of dead branch is that it is no longer attached to the tree but has not fallen to the ground yet. Instead, it has been temporarily suspended above the ground, held up by other branches. When the dead branch will inevitably fall to the floor, this could be a potentially severe situation, causing significant injuries to a person or being the cause of costly damages to a building.

These branches should always be taken care of by a tree removal specialist as they can be quite harmful if done incorrectly.

Dead wood

When there is dead wood present, this will be able to be seen by large quantities of bark peeling off of a branch on the tree. Another clear indication of dead wood will be seen in the season of spring if there is no new life visible. Both of these are obvious signs that the wood of the tree has died and will need to be removed by a tree removalist.

When looking at the tree, if you can see that dead wood takes up more than fifty percent of the tree, this will increase the need for it to be replaced or removed. If you decide to replace the tree, we recommend planting the new tree that you’ve chosen well-ahead of the dead tree’s removal in order to allow sufficient time for new growth.

Foundation, septic system or sewer line issues

Occasionally, a huge tree can have a deep, fast-growing root system. Unfortunately, these root systems can cause damage to the foundation of a building, such as a house, or even create leaks or blockages within septic systems and sewer lines.
An easier fix can involve trimming back the roots that have become invasive.

However, this is a temporary solution as there will inevitably be a point in time where tree removal is the only option available.

Pest infestation

Trees can play host to a range of wildlife during the course of their lives. However, there are some bugs that will bring more damage than good. These problematic pests will be visible from signs such as leaking sap, damaged bark, withered branches, damaged leaves or fewer leaves.

There are four common types of tree pests that may indicate the need for a tree removal. Termites, borers, Poinciana looper moths, or a tree pathogen named brown root rot are all pests that you don’t want to be interacting with a tree as they can all cause serious damage.

Other reasons for tree removal

There are a multitude of reasons why a tree may need to be removed as detailed above and of course there are many more. If a tree has been damaged in a storm, or needs to be replaced by a more suitable type of tree, these are potential reasons to remove the tree. The other common reason is that there may be construction that is being undertaken that requires a tree or plethora of trees to be removed to ensure adequate space for buildings.

Whatever the reason for your tree removal, we pride ourselves on being the most effective and efficient Brisbane tree removal company. We always ensure that our work areas have been left neat and tidy and will leave the premises looking clean and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when it comes to tree removal services, there can be many questions that you have. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and put together comprehensive answers down below to alleviate the stress of tree removals.

Trees can occasionally send invasive roots around or under the foundation of your building. When these roots are removed, by taking away the tree, this can cause the soil to rise. This upheaval can, in some rare cases, cause flooding or erosion to the foundation. However, by ensuring that the problem tree is removed – especially if it’s growing a bit too close to the house – will probably be the best solution for the foundation of your house.

Sometimes, removing the tree can even fix the leaning that was caused by the invasive tree roots. After any tree removal carried out near foundations, extra care should be taken when completing the stump removal services to ensure that no interference occurs to the soil.

There are situations where tree removal may be covered by your homeowners insurance policy, however, it can be quite difficult to give a “yes” or “no” answer as it always depends on the circumstance and the specific insurance policy that you have. 

Homeowners insurance policies generally cover damages that have been caused by named perils, such as fire and smoke, falling objects or lightning. If one of these named perils does cause a tree to fall onto your home, in most instances, your homeowners insurance policy will cover the tree removal expense. 

However, the cost of a tree removal won’t be covered by your insurance policy if it has been caused by factors such as a storm, hail or ice, or wind. If a tree does not fall onto a covered structure that is present on your property, for example, if it just ends up falling onto your lawn, there is a strong chance that you will have to pay for the tree removal expense.

It can be hard to determine exactly who is responsible for tree removal when it is situated on a property line. The first issue to figure out is who is responsible for the tree. There are a few explanations about who the tree belongs to should it be near or on the property line. If the majority of a tree is on your land, then you are the individual responsible for that tree, even if it sits on the boundary line. 

If a tree happens to be sitting across multiple properties, for example, if it is exactly on the property line between the two pieces of land, then the owner of each property will share the responsibility and liability equally between them. 

The second issue is what is classified as being necessary for tree removal. There are many reasons why you or a neighbour may be able to get a tree removal order which are listed below: 

  • If the tree interferes with the television or satellite reception
  • If it interferes with solar panelling being able to properly function
  • If the tree branches are more than 2.5 metres above the ground and is shading sunlight from the windows or roof of the property
  • If the tree branches are more than 2.5 metre above the ground and is in the way of a view that previously existed prior to the neighbour bought the land
  • Should the tree be creating an ongoing and substantial amount of tree litter in the yard

When you engage our tree removal services, you can be rest assured that we will expertly handle all of the associated issues with the tree. Our professional arborists will carefully and safely dismantle any problematic trees so as to avoid causing any damage to the property. We have years of experience and a vast array of knowledge so we know how to remove trees properly.

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