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Tree Maintenance

Need help in your garden with trimming or maintenance of trees?

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We have the staff, knowledge and equipment to deliver a comprehensive and professional tree maintenance service in any location across South East Queensland.

From the sub-tropical environment of the floodplains to the temperate ecosystems of the mountainous eastern rangers, the regions across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are thriving and vibrant natural environments. A-Local Tree Service arborists have comprehensive local knowledge to help keep every tree healthy
on your property.

Our skilled arborists can provide all the tree pruning, branch removal and trimming services you need. We remove dead branches and treat trees to ensure they remain healthy and to eliminate diseases and threats to the large trees that are essential for the health of your gardens.

Our tree maintenance service is professional and comprehensive

Our knowledgeable arborists will do a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify vulnerable and disease-damaged branches and completely remove them from your property without risk of contamination.

Safety is our number one concern for the staff on-site, for owners’ property, and for the protection of healthy trees.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and best practices to ensure trees not being removed will not be damaged during our tree maintenance services.

We tailor our tree maintenance approach to every situation for the safe removal of threats, such as potential damage from falling trees, and to reduce biological threats so your healthy trees can thrive.

We provide professional tree care tailored to the unique ecology around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Correct pruning of trees is essential for their health, safety and longevity.
We only prune to industry standards and will not engage in “tree lopping”.
Our climbers do not use spikes on trees unless they are to be removed.

Diseased branches are removed and disposed of to ensure there is no further contamination, and the exposed wood left after the removal of limbs is treated
to protect the remaining tree. Branches that are removed to promote growth or because of safety concerns can be recycled into mulch using our 18-inchwood chipper.

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Why use A-Local Tree Service for your tree maintenance?

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25+ Years of Experience

What you need from professional tree services is someone with the knowledge and know-how to reduce risk and promote the growth of healthy trees. Our arborists know everything you need for the health of your trees, to promote growth and to protect your property. We have built trust with our customers for more than two decades with a job that is done right.

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Quality Services

Professional tree care needs a qualified arborist as incorrect maintenance can leave trees more vulnerable to disease and pests than in their original condition. Arborists at A-Local Tree Service use best practices to ensure trees remain resistant to pests and diseases. For example, our arborists will not use spikes when climbing a healthy tree for pruning because of the potential damage it could cause.

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Excellent Prices

We are transparent when it comes to our competitive pricing, and the property owner is given clear and comprehensive advice on what needs to be done. It’s how A-Local Tree Service not only ensures you get the best service but that it’s also value for money. Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote for a comprehensive tree maintenance service.

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Flexible Hours

Our team of experienced and qualified arborists are available to remove dead branches and tree pruning when at times that best suit you. We also have a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week service for emergency removal of problem trees or after severe weather has caused damage. Get in touch to discover a service that works for you.

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Local Knowledge

Maintaining a healthy tree starts with the right advice from experts who have a vast knowledge of South East Queensland tree ecology. We can help identify when a tree is stressed from disease or environmental factors such as poor soil conditions. We can identify tree pruning needs of the thousands of common species found across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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Efficient Turnaround

Avoid the headache of lop-and-chop services with a team who knows exactly what needs to be done as effectively as possible to reduce further unnecessary damage. Our professional tree services are about value for money by providing only the tree maintenance you need for healthy trees.

An arborist trimming a tree hedge

When should you hire a tree maintenance service?

Tree trimming and inspections should be carried out regularly depending on the types of trees on your land. Some trees are particularly vulnerable to extreme changes in weather, sun exposure, frosts, pests, and diseases. A-Local Tree Service can help identify species that need seasonal tree pruning, or are vulnerable to disease and when are the best times to act to promote new growth and maintain healthy trees. Your arborists can also help to identify protected species on your land.

If you notice unseasonal discolouration of leaves on your trees, or dead branches then you need a professional arborist. An increase in pests or fungi appearing on the trunk could be a sign that natural resistance is compromised and needs tree care. Cracking in the bark, depending on species, is also a sign that your tree could be unhealthy. A-Local Tree Services arborists have the experience in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast to quickly identify if your trees are in an unusual condition for the season.

What tree maintenance services does A-Local Tree Service Provide?

Assess tree condition

An arborist assessing the health of a tree

The first step of any effective maintenance program is to access the opportunities, risks and vulnerabilities of your trees. Our tree care service starts with giving you
the best advice from a team of professional arborists that have decades of local knowledge.

With this information we can provide the best quality service to our high standards, and efficiently care for your trees.

Tree pruning

pliers pruning a tree

A professional tree pruning service will help promote new growth, and to reduce your trees’ vulnerability to pests, diseases and seasonal extremes. The pruning
can also help with managing how your trees grow, so you can get more of the cooling shade, or sunlight getting to your house for that needed warmth and energy.

Branch removal

a qualified arborist using a chainsaw for tree removal

Major problems with your trees usually start with one or two branches. Dead wood exposes beautiful trees to risks, and the branches can fall unexpectedly, which not only has the potential to damage your home, but to also cause significant injury.
Our professional arborists can remove dead branches safely with the most
state-of-the-art equipment and methods.

Problem roots

An old tree with a large root system

While your garden can look the picture of health, there could be a lot more problems going on underground. This is where the experience of a professional arborist
can come in handy. Our arborists can identify trees that could cause problems
with underground cables and plumbing and ensure your beautiful tree doesn’t become a costly annoyance to infrastructure.

Pest control

Pest infestation on a green leaf

Maintaining a healthy tree helps it to fight against any pests and diseases. A-Local Tree Service can also help to quickly identify pests and diseases affecting your trees. Professional removal of the affected parts of the tree is another way of ensuring those small issues don’t prove detrimental to your trees. It can take decades to grow some species, but only a few months for disease to take hold and kill your trees.

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All our tree removals are undertaken according to government standards by fully trained professionals.