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A-Local Tree Service is headquartered in the northern Brisbane suburb of Joyner. So our qualified and experienced arborists can respond quickly to any emergency tree removal requests across Brisbane’s northside, Moreton Bay or the Sunshine Coast.

If you need tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, or maintenance services, then we have you covered.

Joyner tree services and Northside Brisbane suburbs

Whatever work you need around your property, we have the experienced, professional staff who work to the highest safety standard you would expect in the tree removal industry.

Tree trimming and pruning

You need to prune and maintain your trees in the winter months to help promote growth, keeping trees manageable and aesthetically pleasing. Correct pruning of the trees also helps extend their lives and to reduce the impact of pests and the occasional frost. Unmanaged pests can cause widespread damage to your gardens and can also invade your home.

Tree lopping and tree removal services

Brisbane’s northside, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast experience severe storms in the summer season, which can bring down some of the most healthy looking vegetation. A-Local Tree Service arborists can identify which trees on your property are the most vulnerable and which need a professional to remove because of unseen dangers, such as trunk collapse.

Stump grinding

Many of the tree species in subtropical environments can regrow quickly. We grind stumps to prevent regrowth. Stump grind is also the most effective way of removing a stump while causing minimal impact on the rest of your garden.

Wood Chipping and Mulch

A-Local Tree Service takes care of the green waste and has a mulcher on site to quickly dispose of any waste.

We take the mulch away free of charge because we recycle it.


We've been the go-to tree service in Joyner & Brisbane’s Northside for decades

Our arborists have seen and solved some of the most complex issues with;

For a quick result, you need an arborist who knows what they are doing

Why North Brisbane property managers and homeowners choose us

Emergency Response 24/7

We have the 24-hour, seven-day emergency response that northside Brisbane homeowners rely on from a tree removal service. When you call, we will be at the other end of the line giving you advice to stay safe and minimise the impact of the emergency, while a crew of highly trained arborists will already be en route.

Qualified team

Our team has all their tickets and is fully insured. So you can be sure that nothing will go wrong on your property while we are at work. The tree removal industry standards are high, and the regulations are extensive. Our team knows what regulators, and our customers, expect from a tree services company.


If you ask anyone what's the difference maker when it comes to tree removal, maintenance, land clearing, stump grinding and tree lopping, it's the experience of your arborist. We have the technical expertise and the northside Brisbane experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Collectively our teams have decades of experience in northern Brisbane gardens and have knowledge about the treescapes that you won't find anywhere else.

Competitive Price

When you have the best, well-maintained equipment being wielded by an experienced professional, then you get value for money. We will develop a detailed and comprehensive plan tailored to your gardens and species on your property so as to not waste your time, which ultimately will save you money.

State-of-the-art machinery and tools

While it's our experience that makes the difference, it's our resources for every job with the very best equipment that helps us to be consistent every time. Whether you want us to inspect and maintain your property's trees every month, every six months or you just need us once for an emergency tree removal in Joyner or across Brisbane's northside, you get the same quality job guarantee.

What can I get with a job plan and property inspection?

Across Brisbane’s northside, including Joyner, there are many different tree varieties exposed to unique and sometimes challenging conditions.

There are also a wide variety of pests and diseases that can afflict trees on your property. It not only presents a risk to your garden but also to your home.

When you move into a new home or haven’t had your property inspected for a few years, then you need an assessment from a professional arborist who can not only give you advice on what action you need to take now but can also give you ideas on what to keep an eye on, and what are the vulnerabilities in your trees.

Established trees on your property make a notable addition to the aesthetics of your home, but it takes time and resources to get it right. So you should invest in getting our professionals to give you advice on how to maintain your gardens.

Qualified arborist cutting down a tree ready for tree removal
Group 55

Dead Trees

tree trimming

Dead trees on your property might give the living trees some additional infrastructure on which to grow around or climb. However, it’s also a major problem because a dead tree will always come down. If the tree is dead above the ground, then it’s a sure bet that it’s dead underneath the ground. In Brisbane’s tropical environment, it’s also a sure bet that it’s rotting at a faster rate than that wood exposed to the sunlight.

Damaged & Decaying Trees

Decaying tree ready for tree removal

Damaged branches or bark from severe weather, wear while rubbing on other trees, or from pests or disease can make the whole tree vulnerable and threaten its survival.
When you have exposed wood, you need a tree specialist to evaluate and treat the limb for a complete recovery. In some cases, that might be removing the limb or removing the tree if the damage is a sign of a larger problem for the tree.

Overcrowded Trees

Plants crowding round the base of tree trunk needing tree maintenance

When trees are competing with other trees and vegetation, they will not look their best. Whether it’s a lack of nutrients or sunlight, the species that will thrive will be the weeds that you don’t want around your home.

We can take care of the issues of overcrowding through selective removal and pruning. We take away the worst of it so that what remains can thrive in the next growing season.

Overgrown Trees

qualified arborists in a crane using chainsaws for tree removal

Overgrown trees can cause safety issues and encroach on your living space. Trees can also become heavy, which leaves them at risk of collapsing in extreme weather. Trees did not evolve to dominate their environment, so many species will need to be pruned just to manage their size.

A tree service can give you advice on how to manage a tree’s size and when overgrown trees should be pruned so as to not risk the rest of the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when it comes to tree removal services in Brisbane, our clients have many questions about the process and how it will unfold. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help you make the choice to remove your tree or trees.

Being based in Joyner, we can quickly dispatch a highly-qualified team of arborists to Brisbane’s northside and Sunshine Coast. We also provide regular tree services to Brisbane’s southside.

Most part of South East Queensland is a sub-tropical environment with high rainfall and seasonal severe thunderstorms, so you should have your fast-growing trees inspected annually.

At A-Local Tree Services, you will get a clear idea of the costs and value of our work before we begin. So contact us now to get the process started.

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