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We have the training, qualifications, experience, equipment and necessary insurances to provide confidence to you, the customer.

A-Local Tree Service is headed by a qualified arborist and all personnel follow a written health, safety, environment and community policy. We have a clear understanding of industry standards and have an ongoing commitment to promote and maintain the highest level of safety and professionalism.

We have documented safe work practices and carry out extensive on site assessments. Safety is paramount and we are committed to continuously striving to protect the health and safety of not just people, but property, vegetation and wildlife.

We are proud of the reputation we have built and the professional service we deliver. We pride ourselves on our work abilities and ethics and always treat work areas as if they were our own – therefore ensuring that they are left neat and tidy.

Our personnel are not only trained and experienced, but possess the necessary people skills to appropriately liaise with the public and ensure their needs are met.

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you.
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    Emergency Response

    We offer a 24-hour emergency tree removal response service and as we carry out work for many of the major insurance companies, we are familiar with their policies and procedures. In most instances, once a claim has been approved, we will carry out the approved work..

    Tree Removal & Maintenance

    We have the staff, knowledge and equipment to remove trees of any size, in any location, with care. No risks are taken and therefore on sites where space is limited, power lines are in close proximity or a tree is considered unstable for climbing, the use of a cherry picker or crane is engaged.

    Protected Vegetation

    Depending on where you reside, native vegetation may be covered under local laws which prevent you from clearing without approval. Other legislation may also exist which comes under Department of Natural Resources law or the Koala Conservation Plan.


    Stump Grinding

    Once a tree has been removed, grinding the stump below the surface is recommended.
    Our standard procedure is to grind to 6” below ground level however this can be increased where necessary.


    Our 18” wood chippers provide a very fast and effective way of recycling trees into mulch. Mulch can then be easily removed from site or left for future landscaping.
    From time to time we are asked whether we can mulch what you have already cut or intend cutting yourselves.

    Tree Lopping Brisbane

    When it comes to tree lopping, be it for domestic or commercial purposes, it’s important to consider the impact it has on your property, on your trees, on your vegetation and on the environment. Tree lopping is a process that involves the reshaping of a tree, often done by removing or trimming some or most sections of branches.