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Come damaged, diseased or dead tree – you need tree removal, tree pruning or tree lopping services fast. Count on A-Local Tree Service to deliver a professional job on your Brisbane on-site tree removal and related services.

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Each tree removal case is different. Tools and processes chosen for the removal will depend on the severity of the tree’s health and the placement of surrounding properties and local council infrastructure. We generally conduct tree removals in four steps:

Tree Pruning

Pruning is a step commonly used in tree maintenance, where smaller parts of the tree are removed. Trimming and branch removal however, can also assist in the process of getting a tree removed. Large machinery such as a crane or cherry picker can be used the pruning process to gain height to remove parts of the tree.

Tree Felling Brisbane Southside

Tree felling is the most recognisable part of the tree removal process where the trunk is collapsed. It can be tricky and dangerous to perform if not skilled and experienced. Like in tree pruning, a cherry picker or crane may be required to remove trees from difficult locations such as narrow spaces between power lines.

Stump Grinding

Once the branches and the trunk of the tree have been removed, the stump is all that remains. Stump grinding involves grinding the stump down so that the grass can grow it, without a chance of regrowth or a white ant infestation. Care is taken during this process to avoid damage to any underground hidden wires, pipes or systems.

Wood Chipping & Mulch

We recycle all tree products from the tree removal process into mulch. Depending on the project, this can include the fallen tree branches and trunk, as well as the tree stump. On request, we can provide your removed tree’s mulch to you at no cost for your future landscaping projects.


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Why choose A-Local Tree Service for your Brisbane Tree Removal?

25+ Years of Experience

As a South Brisbane based family business, our experienced arborists have performed professional tree services for over 25 years. With a portfolio of small and larger projects, trust us for your tree removal jobs of any scale - small and large trees. Take a look at our extensive range of tree care services here.

Fully Qualified Team

All our friendly staff are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of tree maintenance and removal. We dedicate one person to your project from the start of your quote to the finish of the tree pruning or removal, so you can know the job was completed professionally and reliably.

High Quality Services & Equipment

We use a range of carefully selected tree removal equipment and processes that are considered best practice in the industry. This has allowed us to safely and correctly deliver fast turnarounds to our clients to date.

Excellent Prices

At a glance, tree removal costs can seem expensive. Rest assured, our team will quote you the best price based on your case. We offer the best value tree removal services for a reasonable cost - delivering a quality service without sacrificing the safety of you, your property and your surroundings.

24/7 Emergency Response

We know crises can happen. Our 24/7 emergency tree services line is ready for any emergency tree removals from fallen branches to whole trees. We will manage the situation to reduce anxiety in a stressful situation.

What Can Tree Removal Specialists Help Me With?

Trees are a nice addition to any property. Whether you’re making landscaping changes to your home property, or adding a touch of greenery to a commercial property – plants and trees offer an eye-pleasing change in colour and texture, as well as a breath of fresh air, from the brick and concrete walls of surrounding buildings. Tree care, or in some cases tree removal is important in the maintenance of this aesthetic and functional addition.

It is best practice for tree removal services to assess whether your tree requires removal, or whether it can be restored through other means. At A-Local Tree Service, we ensure that your tree removal will only happen if you want it to, or if there are no other means to save your tree. Take a look at some common characteristics of a problematic tree that may require tree removal.

Qualified arborist cutting down a tree ready for tree removal
Group 55

Dead Trees

tree trimming

Even a small tree can present a significant hazard once it dies. Without the structural integrity of a live tree, dead trees are extremely unpredictable and will not always fall into a safe area of your yard.

Organising a tree lopper professional service to cut down and remove the tree is the best way forward. Having the tree removed completely is the only option for dead trees. The best solution is to organise the removal early on as they pose a greater risk to surrounding life, property and local council infrastructure such as power poles the longer they are left standing.

Damaged & Decaying Trees

Decaying tree ready for tree removal

Tree wounds can be caused by natural breakages, gardening equipment, storm damage and more. The severity of damage can vary widely from small scratches to completely toppled trees. In the case of fallen trees, the tree carcass & stump removal and stump grinding may need to be organised by professional services.

Whilst minor tree wounds are harmless, tree decay is a serious issue. Tree decay is a result of a wood-decay fungi entering a tree through a tree wound, weakening the tree. Tree fungus can be treated to remission, however it can never fully be cured. Therefore, addressing tree wounds and tree decay in their early stages through pruning services can help preserve its health.

Overcrowded Trees

Plants crowding round the base of tree trunk needing tree maintenance

Having too many trees growing within a limited space can reduce the amount of sunlight and nutrients the tree can access. This leads to the stunted growth of other trees or plants in your backyard or garden. Pruning or tree lopping are two methods tree maintenance companies use to reduce the shade of one or more trees covering other plants.

Overgrown Trees

qualified arborists in a crane using chainsaws for tree removal

Whilst tree removal often involves a weak or dying tree, sometimes your tree might be a little too healthy. This can cause a string of problems of its own, however can usually be maintained with regular pruning done independently or through a tree work services company. Whilst the removal of these trees might not be a necessity as such, it can remove any safety risks they may present, and potentially increase house and property prices.

Depending on the severity of the obstruction, risk or disruption created by the overgrown tree, you or your tree removal service provider may choose to trim or prune some small branches, remove larger branches or tree limbs through tree lopping or simply remove the entire tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that when it comes to tree removal services in Brisbane, our clients have many questions about the process and how it will unfold. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions below to help you make the choice to remove your tree or trees.

We’re based in South East Queensland. We primarily provide our services to clients located in the north side of Brisbane to Caboolture, however are able to service the Brisbane Southside and Western suburbs.

We provide mulching services to produce mulch from tree removal waste using our 18″ wood chippers. This is a fast and effective choice to recycle trees. On request, we can arrange to remove the mulch from your site.

A Brisbane Southside tree removal cost will vary depending on the size, complexity of the problem and difficulty of access to the tree. For a detailed price estimate, consult our team of expert arborists who will provide you with the best value quote for a quality service. 

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