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Tree Removal & Maintenance

Tree Removal & Maintenance

We have the staff, knowledge and equipment to remove trees of any size, in any location, with care. No risks are taken and therefore on sites where space is limited, power lines are in close proximity or a tree is considered unstable for climbing, the use of a cherry picker or crane is engaged.

Correct pruning of trees is essential for their health, safety and longevity. We only prune to industry standards and will not engage in “tree lopping”. Our climbers do not use spikes on trees unless they are to be removed.

Whether land clearing is being carried out for development purposes or simply in readiness for residential building, our 18” wood chippers provide a very fast and effective way of recycling the trees into mulch. Mulch can then be easily removed from site or left for future landscaping. On large development jobs, we usually work alongside an excavator and the tree stumps are left at 1.5m high for easy removal by the excavator.

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