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Emergency tree removal Brisbane

Available 24/7, our experienced tree experts will come to your home or business and safely remove the tree in question. We have the equipment and experience necessary to handle even the largest trees, and we’ll make sure your property is left clean, clear, and undamaged.

an arborist using a chainsaw to cut tree branches

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There are several instances when you might need an emergency tree removal service. Maybe a tree has fallen over during a storm, or branches are interfering with your foundation or sewer line. Whatever the reason, A-Local Tree Service is here to help with your tree removal needs.

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There are many different emergency tree removal services we can assist with

Foundation, septic or sewer line issues

Root systems growing into pipes can cause major damage to your sewer line or septic system. If you think this is happening on your property, we can assess the situation. We can assist you with the removal of unwanted roots and branches in your drainage pipes.

Fallen branches

Large fallen branches can cause damage to your home or property. They may also be difficult to remove yourself. If you're struggling to remove fallen branches after a storm, contact A-Local Tree Service.

Fallen trees

After a storm, you may notice a fallen tree in your yard. Don't stress about the removal process for fallen trees, simply contact A-Local Tree Service and we'll assist you with your emergency tree removal.

Who we are

A-Local Tree Service is led by a qualified arborist. We understand industry standards, and all of our personnel follow written health, safety, environment, and community policy. With many years of experience, our team is more than capable of handling any emergency tree removal service you may need.

We carry out extensive on-site assessments to ensure the process is meeting safety standards. We also pride ourselves on our efficient work and always leave a space neat and tidy once we’re done. At A-Local Tree Service, we provide an affordable tree service you can trust.

Contact A-Local Tree Service for your Brisbane tree services.

A tree in pieces after being a removed by an arborist

Why A-Local Tree Service?


Competitive prices

Our team provides efficient tree removal services at competitive prices. We provide an affordable tree service that's of the highest quality. Contact us to find out more about our emergency tree removal pricing.


7 days a week

A-Local Tree Service is available 7 days a week to assist you with your emergency tree removal needs across South East Queensland. Our highly-skilled team can be there at a time that works well for you.


A fantastic reputation

We're proud of the strong reputation we have built over the years. Our clients trust us with their tree removal services, and we're pleased to provide excellent service. Book your emergency tree removal with us and find out why we have such a good rep.


Safe and efficient

Using safe practices, we ensure no damage is done to the surrounding buildings or area, even when working with large trees. We handle every tree with precision and care, ensuring each one is removed properly using the latest tools and techniques.


Individually tailored to the job

We tailor each tree removal job to the individual tree and location, to ensure the perfect approach is used for each job. When we first arrive on your property, we'll complete a site assessment to figure out how best to proceed.



A-Local Tree Service actively works towards a more sustainable future with each job we complete. We recycle the trees we remove quickly and efficiently with our 18" wood chippers. This recycled mulch can then either be left on the property for further landscaping jobs or taken away.


Highly experienced

We have more than 25 years of experience providing arboriculture services. Due to this experience, we understand how to complete a wide range of services. Our experts are here to apply their knowledge to a variety of tree removal situations, helping you get your garden back on track.


Friendly staff

Our team is friendly and approachable. We're always happy to chat about the work you need to be done on your property. Whether it's a simple tree removal or something a bit trickier, we'll talk you through the process so you're never left in the dark.



Located in Joyner, Queensland, we're a Brisbane-based business. You can trust us to know the local area well and understand what's required to complete a successful tree removal.


Familiar with insurance company policies

At A-Local Tree Service, we carry out work for many major insurance companies and are familiar with their policies and procedures. Generally, once a claim has been approved, we can carry out the approved work and directly bill the insurance companies.

machinery safely removing a tree

How do you remove a tree?

Our expert arborists know how to remove all types of trees in all types of scenarios. Whether you have one that’s becoming a nuisance and growing into power lines or a fallen tree that you wish to have removed from your yard, we can provide assistance.

We have the experience and machinery needed to complete your tree removal safely and efficiently. Contact our team today to discuss your Brisbane tree removal job.

24/7 emergency response

We provide a 24/7 emergency response service for those that need their trees removed as soon as possible. Our team is always on-call and available day or night to assist you with your tree removal requirements.

We understand that dealing with an emergency can be stressful. To help ease your mind, we offer free quotes on all our services. This way, you know exactly what the job will cost before it begins.

If you're in need of an emergency tree removal in Brisbane or South East Queensland, contact A-Local Tree Service on 0403 599 881 or fill out our quick quote form. We're available 24/7 to help you with all your tree removal needs.

Birdseye view of qualified arborists removing a tree

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today to organise your tree removal job

Our tree specialists would love to assist you with your next emergency removal. Give us a call 24/7 on 0403 599 881, or request a callback and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you.