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Our wood chippers provide a very fast and effective way of recycling trees into mulch. This mulch can then be easily removed from the site, or left for future landscaping.

From time to time, as part of our range of tree services, we are asked whether we can mulch what you have already cut or intend to cut yourself. We are happy to do this — however, before you start cutting, it is beneficial to speak to one of our staff for advice on how to save our ground crew time and, therefore, save you money.

So, ready to start mulching? Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you.

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Expertise and Speed

Our team at A-Local Tree Service comes with years of experience under our belts. We’re not just about quick fixes; we aim for quality. Using our wood chippers, we transform trees into mulch efficiently, which is then perfect for either enhancing your garden beds or being responsibly removed from your site. This process not only recycles green waste but enriches your soil, keeping weeds at bay and your plants happy.

Tailored Advice

Before you even start cutting, we’re here to guide you. Our advice is aimed at saving you money by reducing the time our ground crew needs to spend on site. We believe in making our tree services work for you, and ensure that every action we take is in your best interest — from tree removal to land clearing.


Whether it’s the remnants of a recent tree removal or a pile of branches you’ve managed to gather, we can turn it all into valuable mulch. We’re not just about taking away; we’re here to add value to your property by repurposing your green waste into something beneficial for your garden.

Responsive Service

No matter your location in Brisbane, we promise a prompt response. When you call us or fill out our online form, you can expect a fast follow-up within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. We know your time is precious, so we aim to waste none of it.

Competitive Pricing

We understand the value of your hard-earned money. That’s why we offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our services. Our goal is to provide you with cost-effective solutions for your mulching needs, so you can ensure you get the best value out of our service.

Fully Licensed Professionals

Our team is fully licensed, ensuring that every job we undertake is done safely and to the highest standards. From the proper use of lawn equipment to the meticulous care in handling wood chips for your soil, we maintain professionalism in every task, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.


Our frequently asked questions

Mulching offers a multitude of benefits for your garden. For one, it helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need for frequent watering. By creating a barrier between the soil and the sun, mulch also suppresses weed growth, meaning less competition for resources for your plants. Additionally, as mulch breaks down, it enriches the soil with organic matter, promoting healthier plant growth. In this way, our mulching service ensures your garden beds are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ecologically beneficial.

Absolutely! After our efficient mulching process, you have the option to keep the resulting wood chips. Many of our clients choose to use this mulch for their garden beds or around trees to enhance soil quality and landscape appearance. If you prefer not to keep the mulch, we can remove it from your property to ensure a tidy finish.

Yes, the mulch produced from our tree services is generally safe for most plants. It’s an excellent way to recycle green waste into a valuable resource for your garden. However, if you have specific concerns about sensitive plants, let us discuss how our mulch can best serve your garden’s needs without causing harm.

Your frequency of mulching depends on various factors, including the type of mulch you require, the climate, and the specific needs of your garden. As a general guideline, refreshing your mulch once or twice a year is beneficial. Our team can provide personalised advice based on an assessment of your garden to ensure optimal results.

Yes, we provide mulching services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team has the expertise and equipment to handle projects of any size, ensuring your commercial landscape is maintained to the highest standard. Whether it’s a small office garden or a large corporate campus, we’re equipped to meet your mulching needs.

Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We’re fully licensed professionals who take pride in our work, and we ensure that every job we undertake is completed safely and to the highest standard possible. Our responsive service, competitive pricing, and tailored advice ensure that our tree mulching services provide real value to our customers. Plus, our environmental commitment means we strive to recycle and repurpose green waste, contributing toward a healthier planet.

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