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Tree Removal Chapel Hill

Tree Removal Chapel Hill

Trees play such an important role in the layout of a property, regardless of if it’s commercial or private in nature. If you have a garden that houses many beautiful trees, you’ll know that over time, it is very easy to become attached to them – so much so that your property would not be the same without them there. However great trees are, with a lack of attention and maintenance, they can become either too tall or too wide which may just deem them to be unsafe. In such instances, it may be a hard decision to make but tree removal might just be the only viable option.

We are A-local Tree Service – one of Australia’s most reliable and renowned tree removal companies

We have many years of experience when it comes to helping property owners in the Chapel Hill area of Brisbane with their tree removals, pruning and maintenance requirements. Our team of highly trained and experienced arborists have the skills to carry out tree removals of any size and in any location.

Once a tree becomes too big or grows too close to your home, neighbouring properties, or power lines, it is time to either prune it or remove it completely. We have all of the necessary equipment and proficiencies to assist you with both of these services. Our team will be able to manually cut trees of a certain size, or use heavy machinery like cranes, cherry pickers, stump grinders and diggers to remove trees that are very large. But know that our job doesn’t finish with the pruning or cutting down of a tree as we own a portable saw mill, which can turn your trees into usable timber that you can either sell or use for your own projects.

Alternatively, we can also turn your removed tree trunks into fire logs that are perfect for use in winter. We also have a mobile wood chipper, which can turn any trunks or branches into high quality mulch that can be used for landscaping on your property or stored for future use. We will also be happy to remove the mulch from your property and sell it on for you if that’s your preferred option.

We have a very detailed knowledge of all industry standards and laws concerning safe tree removal

Especially in areas where the natural vegetation is protected or endangered. Our arborists work closely with the local authorities on every tree removal in Chapel Hill to ensure no protected flora or fauna is harmed. In special cases where a koala habitat might be affected, we even hire a professionally trained koala spotter to assist us and to protect the animals from suffering any harm.

If you are a home or business owner in the Chapel Hill area of Brisbane, we will be more than happy to assist you with your tree removal needs. Contact us here or call one of our experts today on 0403 599 881 for your free quote.

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