Great Value Tree/Stump Removal & Maintenance in Brisbane

Tree Removal Samford

Tree Removal Samford

A Local Tree Service are the best cheap tree removal experts in Samford. We are 100% Australian owned and operated and we work with many properties large and small across Brisbane to maintain their trees. The A Local team are highly skilled and adept at tree removal, tree trimming and maintenance, stump grinding and emergency response.

Experienced and Skilled Arborists Ready to Keep Your Trees in Tip Top Shape

The team at A Local Tree Service have been in the industry for many years maintaining and removing trees for Samford residents. We have all the top of the range equipment needed to service your trees like chainsaws, cranes, cherry pickers, saw mills and wood pickers. We can deal with small or large trees and we will even dispose of all the mess afterwards.

But we don’t waste anything! With our equipment, we are able to recycle all the old branches and we turn them into woodchips. This is then used as mulch which is highly beneficial to your garden. Don’t worry, we won’t just remove your tree unless it really is a problem. We will walk you through all the options before any work begins while we do our initial risk assessment.

The Best Tree Removal and Maintenance Services Samford

Not only do we offer the best tree services in Samford, we also strive to protect local wildlife, vegetation and the local area. Our experienced team always stays in line with environmental laws and Government regulations with the right paperwork.

It’s essential you keep your trees maintained so they don’t encroach on neighbouring properties, power lines or even get to close to your home. Our skilled arborists can prune your tree or even remove it completely if it has become a hazard. After cutting down or pruning your tree, we will turn the excess wood into useful timber in our saw mill, which you can use as firewood, mulch or for other projects around your property.

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